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Brian Wesemann Joins Golden Calf as Executive Director of Sales

Golden Calf Company, the leading manufacturer of neonatal calf care products and colostrum management tools, proudly welcomes Brian Wesemann as its Executive Director of Sales.  New Market Growth, New Dairy Leader  “We are excited to welcome Brian to Golden Calf Company,” said Andy Beckel, owner of Golden Calf Company and the inventor of the revolutionary […]

Mike V., 140 Cows, Picture Butte, AB

Vanden Dool Farm is a family owned farm run by two brothers. Mike is one of the owners at the farm. The farm purchased a Pasteurizer 2 unit from us back in 2012 and is using it routinely to pasteurize and thaw colostrum to feed to their newborn calves. When calves are born, they try […]

Roger H., 500 cows, Manitowoc, WI

          Cloveredge Farms is a family owned farm in which Roger and/or his daughter both care for the newborn calves. When asked what the old protocol was before purchasing the ColoQuick Colostrum Management System, Roger referred back to when they used to keep the colostrum in a refrigerator. He said that it didn’t work out […]

Monk S., Orange, VA.

 Monk is the owner of Kenwood LLC. In Orange, VA. They started using our Refractometer about two years ago. They use the refractometer to test the quality of their colostrum.  I asked why they decided to purchase and begin using the Refractometer and Monk was very straight forward and said, “Our calves were dying.”  Monk also […]

Garrit V., 140 cows, Iron Springs, AB

Straight to the point. When I asked how the pasteurizer has been working for him and if he preferred it over past protocols, Garrit told me directly   “The Pasteurizer unit has gotten rid of Staph Infection in more than half of our cows. I could not be happier with the higher amount of negative test […]