Ensuring that You Have Successful Colostrum Practices

What does a successful colostrum feeding program look like? We all know that calves are born without a developed immune system, in fact they don’t have any antibodies to the outside world. That is why it is colostrum is so important to their livelihood. Without an immune system, they can’t fight any bacteria or microorganism […]

Is the Collection and Storage of Colostrum Your Missing Link?

We have talked a lot about the importance of feeding colostrum and the importance of pasteurization, but we haven’t really discussed the importance of how that colostrum is collected and how it is stored. By now, we all know that those first few hours of a calf’s life are the most critical. Being born without […]

Calf Feeding Done Your Way

By now you know all about our new snap-in tube feeder, our reusable plastic tube feeder, our stainless steel tube feeder, and our nipple feeder. Now you may be thinking about how to use it all. Let’s review your options: Our New Snap-In Tube Feeder-you directly insert the tube feeder into the spout of the […]

Calves and Cows are “Udderly” Amazing

In honor of June Dairy Month and many dairies are now hosting a “Breakfast on the Farm” or “Farm Tour” events, I thought it would be fun to share some fascinating facts about our beloved calves and cows.  Even I was surprised by some of these! Please click on the downloadable link for posters of […]

New Revolution in Tube Feeders

Remember, I told you that we have been super busy coming up with ways to make your life in the maternity area of the farm, easier and more streamlined. Well, we are proud to announce the next revolutionary and innovative product for you…….. Say “goodbye” to the poorly cleaned and heavily scratched tube feeder of […]