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Successful colostrum management creates consistently healthy calves

Our combination of rigorous product testing, innovative technology, and easily repeatable protocols results in positive outcomes for your dairy. At Golden Calf Company we pride ourselves in developing a streamlined, repeatable process for colostrum management that can be replicated at dairies of any size.

Step 1: Collect & test the colostrum

Collect colostrum during regularly scheduled milkings. Test the colostrum using a dip style refractometer, optical refractometer, or other testing tool from our Calf Lab line. Keep the good colostrum.

Step 2: Fill bags & cartridges

Fill the feeding bags with colostrum. We offer three sizes 4L and 3L for first feedings of holsteins and jerseys, and 2L bags for second and third feedings, which can be easily filled with our manual fill station.

The use of the Calf Hero™ Auto Fill Station speeds this process greatly and includes an in-line Brix colostrum refractometer to ensure quality of colostrum entering the bags.

Step 3: Pasteurize the colostrum

Simply place the colostrum bag and its cartridge into a Calf Hero™ and hit the Pasteurize button, the machine will take care of the rest following the industry standard of 140°F for 60 minutes. Our Calf Hero™ product line showcases the newest units capable of thawing and pasteurizing 12, 6, and 3 meals of colostrum. With built-in SMART technology, durable parts, and American stainless steel, the Calf Hero™ will serve your dairy for years. Operation is simple with a large touch screen and instructions in multiple languages.

Step 4: Freeze colostrum

Freeze your pasteurized colostrum in our Colostrum Bank. Our Calf Hero™ Colostrum Feeding Bags freeze thin to allow for rapid thawing and ease of feeding. The Bank offers safe and convenient storage in a high efficiency freezer. Your colostrum bags are protected inside a cartridge. The Colostrum Bank offers an easy to use manual fill station as well.

Step 5: Thaw colostrum for feeding

Warm your frozen colostrum up to 105° F in 20 minutes inside any of our Calf Hero™ units, which  offer a range of thawing capacities that will fit your dairy’s capacity needs.

Step 6: Feed your calves

Our patented single-use plastic tube feeder, which snaps-in and prevents re-use of both bag and tuber fits on all sizes of Our Calf Hero™ Colostrum Feeding Bags. The variety of feeding methods with our innovative line of Calf Hero™ Colostrum Feeding Bags are limitless. You have the option to feed using the bag itself, the bag within a cartridge, or the bag and cartridge inside our insulated backpack. Our bags also are compatible with direct feeding or hose feeding using a nipple or tube feeder. Additionally, we offer stainless steel tube feeders, and nipple feeders that are available either directly or with a hose.

Find The Colostrum Tools You Need

Our Calf Hero Colostrum Brochure shows all the different options that you might need to design a colostrum management system that works for your dairy farm and your maternity barn.