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Feeding healthy calves on your terms

Our innovative line of Calf Hero™ Colostrum Feeding Bags and accessories allows you to customize the feeding process to meet the demands of your dairy.

Pick the bag size that fits your dairy

Calf Hero™ Colostrum Feeding Bags available in three sizes in industry standard colors: Red (2 liters/quarts), Black (3 liter/quarts), and Blue (4 liter/quarts). Select just the right size to meet your needs. The large spout on our Calf Hero™ Colostrum Feeding Bags allows for easy flow and a quick calf feeding.

Mix and match bag sizes and feeding components to fit your unique protocols.


Choose your feeding method

Our systems allow you to do colostrum feeding your own way. Our Calf Hero™ Colostrum Feeding Bags feature an easy carry handle for feeding directly from the bag.

If you opt to enclose the bags in one of our Calf Hero™ Cartridges, you will be able to feed from the cartridge easily with the use of the comfortable carrying handle. Our Calf Hero™ Cartridges can hold either one 3L, or one 4L or two 2L bags.

Feed your calves directly from the bag or cartridge, or use our insulated backpack for an even easier feeding experience. The ergonomics on large dairy operations are critical to the health and comfort of the employees, which directly translates into the health and comfort of the calves.

Our Calf Hero™ Colostrum Feeding Bags are compatible with direct feeding or hose
feeding using a nipple or tube feeder.

Experience safer, faster feeding with the Calf Hero™ Snap-in Tube Feeder.

This single use tube feeder is designed with ease of use and calf safety in mind. Its large opening aids in rapid feeding while the smooth, flexible, recyclable plastic tube keeps the calf safe and comfortable. By preventing re-use, the tube feeder eliminates washing time, increases the time employees spend with calves and lowers water usage.

Faster, easier, and more hygenic.