Monk is the owner of Kenwood LLC. In Orange, VA. They started using our Refractometer about two years ago. They use the refractometer to test the quality of their colostrum.  I asked why they decided to purchase and begin using the Refractometer and Monk was very straight forward and said, “Our calves were dying.”  Monk also said that at one point, someone suggested that he burn down the farm and start over! “Once the bug is there it takes its toll.” he said.

“Colostrum quality is unpredictable. Our calves weren’t able to fight the diseases because they were receiving low quality colostrum and we didn’t know it until we began testing it with the refractometer.”  “We started feeding our heifer calves the high quality colostrum and their overall health improved greatly and they are able to better fight off the diseases.”

Monk told me he is VERY happy that the farm is still standing and that the calves are staying alive and are healthy!

So are we!