Cloveredge Farms is a family owned farm in which Roger and/or his daughter both care for the newborn calves. When asked what the old protocol was before purchasing the ColoQuick Colostrum Management System, Roger referred back to when they used to keep the colostrum in a refrigerator. He said that it didn’t work out so well because employees would open and close the refrigerator door a lot, and this was not good in maintaining an accurate, cool enough temperature to ensure that the colostrum would be bacteria free. “It was also much messier” he stated.

He said that since the farm began using the ColoQuick system, it has been a lot more systematic and has helped tremendously with keeping the bacteria at bay in the colostrum. “We are now able to feed our calves within 30 minutes and have seen a drastic improvement in their health.”

“The ColoQuick System is certainly by far the Best Investment we ever made in raising our calves.” – Roger H.