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Golden Calf Company: Healthy calves equal high-producing cows (TheBusinessNews article)

This is a copy of an article published in The Business News – written by Heather Graves https://thebusinessnews.com/west-central/golden-calf-company-healthy-calves-equal-high-producing-cows/ BLOOMER – Dairy farms have always been a well-known staple of Wisconsin – hence the nickname: America’s Dairyland. With more than 6,000 dairies calling it home, the Badger State still holds the title for most in the […]

CalfSparkle – Brilliant Tube Feeder: Golden Calf Company Unveils Another Revolutionary Product

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE April 1, 2024 – Golden Calf Company, a pioneer in innovative solutions for livestock care, proudly announces the launch of its latest breakthrough product: the CalfSparkle – Brilliant Tube Feeder. Developed with a relentless focus on research and innovation, the CalfSparkle is set to revolutionize the way colostrum feeding is managed for […]

Everything You Need to Know About Colostrum

Do you need the low-down on colostrum? We are going to give you the 411 on colostrum and why it is essential to the future of your dairy herd. Colostrum management is one of the essential building blocks of a thriving dairy farm. How you care and treat your colostrum determines if the new herd […]

Maximize Your Maternity Area with These 4 Tips

So much thought goes into designing and planning of a new facility on the farm. This is especially true when it comes to the calving/maternity buildings. This area is a vital aspect of a dairy and special considerations must be taken in to mind. This area has unique concerns for health and safety of both […]

Are The Scours Making You Sour?

There comes a time in every farmer’s life when everywhere you turn, there are sick animals. It seems like you have one sick animal and then bam, days later it infects the rest of the newborn herd. Being knowledgeable in what to look for, how to treat and most importantly how to prevent sickness from […]