Eric V., 3000+ cows, Maurice, IA

Dykstra Dairy is a family-owned Dairy located now in Maurice, IA. The Dairy/family relocated from southern California about 20 years ago, to the North West and has a current herd size of approximately 3000 cows   They purchased their first colostrum system (a Maxx 8 system), from the Golden Calf Company back in 2012. Today they […]

UW/US Dairy Forage Research Center, Prairie du Sac, WI

The UW/US Dairy Forage Research Center in Wisconsin has been using the 2 Cartridge Colostrum Pasteurize/Thaw Unit since 2012, along with the Colostrum Bank, and more recently our disposable, Snap-In tube feeders that we began making right here in Wisconsin just about a year ago. The USDFRC at Prairie du Sac, WI research farm consists of […]

Alaina M., 3000+ cows, Richmond, MN

Twin Spruce Farm started in 1989 with 33 cows and 48 acres. Arnie and Kris, along with their family have made many expansions throughout the years. In 2017 the calving barn/IVF center was built. In 2018 the second milking site was purchased in Perham MN. By Christmas 2020 all construction in Perham was completed. All […]

Jon Q, 1300 cows, Lisbon, ND

“Taking pride in the Health of our Calves.” Jon’s Dairy takes pride in the quality and cleanliness of their colostrum in order to ensure the best practices for healthy calves. This Family run Dairy has been in operation for over 70 years. Along with Jon; his father, mother, brother, uncle and two cousins are involved […]

Trim the Fat! Building a Lean Dairy is Great

No, I am not talking about weight loss! I am referring to making your dairy operation more profitable by using the Lean Principles and eliminating the waste. The waste in time, resources, and idle employees to better serve our calves. Where Does This Idea Come From? The lean idea is not a new concept. This […]