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Consistently Healthy Calves

Colostrum Management for dairies of all sizes

Become a Calf Hero™ at your dairy

Our colostrum bags, pasteurizers, and colostrum warmers are designed and manufactured with dairy staff in mind. At Golden Calf Company, we believe that access to quality tools and processes for U.S. dairies of all sizes results in healthier calves and healthier dairy herds.

Golden Calf Company colostrum management systems and tools combine innovation and durability to give your dairy the best product possible. Our products are manufactured in the United States and are subject to high quality standards.

For us, dairy is a time-honored tradition and a family business. We honor the hard work you and your family have put into your dairy by designing the hardest working colostrum management tools in the industry.

Reliable feeding systems that support superior calf health

Our line of American-made colostrum management systems provides repeatability, hygiene, and healthy outcomes for your calves.

Calf Hero™ Colostrum Management System will improve your dairy’s performance

Supporting the American Dream for our family and yours

When we started Golden Calf Company ten years ago, our dream was to change the way America takes care of its newborn calves. We wanted to offer products that would provide a helping hand in creating a healthier and more efficient herd.

We started in our garage, importing a European product, but as the years went on and we traveled the world, listened to your needs, observed the farm’s operations, talked to the maternity workers, and took notes, we saw the need for something better. We learned that the way we farm in America is different from anywhere else, our capacity is larger and our needs are unique. The American dairy farmer can’t rely on subsidies or quotas, he or she has to fall back on hard work, ingenuity and good old common sense to make the ends meet.

In the Calf Hero™ product line, we were able to marry technology with tools that make it next to impossible to break protocol in order to deliver a fool-proof system that will make your dairy profitable and successful.

Today, we are proud owners of a manufacturing facility in Bloomer, WI, where we produce not only our Calf Hero™ Stainless Steel colostrum pasteurizers, but also our single-use tube feeders, and our colostrum bags.

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