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Happy Employees Have Great Training: Our Top Tips

There are labor shortages everywhere we look these days, and the dairy industry is no different. It seems like finding qualified people that fit into your job descriptions are more difficult. This is why it is important to spend time training and retraining your employees. Not only will this help you to one, fill your […]

More Farm Choices: Is the Second Feeding of Colostrum Needed?

By now, we all know how important colostrum is to the neonatal calf. But, now we face the question, how many feedings are enough? Is it just a one-and-done kind of thing or is there more to it? This is a relatively new topic of research and much still needs to be learned. Before we […]

The Life and Times: A Background on Pasteurization

Are you thinking about starting a colostrum management program? Running a dairy farm is tough, and starting new practices on your farm can be difficult. In this article, we will begin with a little background on pasteurization and give you some reasons why you should be choosing to do this with your colostrum. What is […]

Stressed, Blessed, and Farm Life Obsessed

The life of the farmer is one that has many blessings yet much stress. Life on the farm is always on their mind. While every job has its stressors, the farmer experiences stress a little differently, because as you probably already know, being a farmer is not a typical 9-5 job, rather, it is a […]

Coming Out of Covid with Hope

We have been living with this pandemic for, what now, 11 months and counting. At first we were all scared and rightfully so. But, now, after what seems like forever, will life ever be the way it was before all of this. Honestly, I have no idea, but I do cling to hope. The hope […]