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Brr… It’s Getting Chilly Out There, it is Time to address Cold Stress and How to Prevent it

Fall is in full swing with it we usher in the cold weather and calf jackets. Chances are that when you woke up this morning, you checked the weather. You probably checked the weather before you went outside this morning to see if you needed to put on a coat.  Does this make you think […]

What’s the Composition? Milk And Colostrum And How To Treat Each

“That depends,” you say. “Are you talking about comparing the two liquids or whether colostrum feeding affects future production?” “Both,” I say. Comparing Colostrum to Milk Components Colostrum is notorious for containing high levels of immunoglobulins. At 85 to 90 percent, the most prevalent one is immunoglobulin G (IgG), a large Y-shaped protein produced by […]

Drapeau & Bélanger Farm, 775 cows: Ste-Françoise de Lotbinière,QC

“We wanted to give better quality colostrum to our heifers because we had very uneven results in passive transfer. Calf Hero allowed us to easily standardize the colostrum administration procedure. Now we have colostrum of excellent quality available for our heifers within 30 minutes. Our results today are very good: a passive transfer success rate of […]

5 Steps to Perfect Cleanliness (Golden Calf for Progressive Dairyman)

It has been said, cleanliness is next to godliness. Nowhere on a dairy is this saying more true than in the maternity and calf areas. Providing a clean environment for our newborn calves can save us thousands of dollars in future treatments and medical expenses. In our last article, “Are you saving money with hygiene?” […]

Are you saving money with Hygiene? (Golden Calf for Progressive Dairyman)

In this time of lower milk prices, every penny counts, and many producers have “hunkered down” and decided not to make any large investments this year. In times like these, every producer should focus on efficiencies and find areas where improvements will yield the biggest impact. You won’t find a more important area than newborn […]