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Is the Collection and Storage of Colostrum Your Missing Link?

We have talked a lot about the importance of feeding colostrum and the importance of pasteurization, but we haven’t really discussed the importance of how that colostrum is collected and how it is stored. By now, we all know that those first few hours of a calf’s life are the most critical. Being born without […]

Inquiring Minds Want to Know: Why is Colostrum Management So Important?

Like most things in life, we just do what we have always done without question and many times without knowing why we do it. We just have grown up with our parents doing it one way and now we do it the same way as well. This is also the case with life on the […]

How to Take Care of Calf Colostrum. Your Guide to Storing and Pasteurizing Your Most Valuable Asset.

Colostrum is the most valuable asset on your dairy. Knowing how to properly pasteurize and store colostrum is an essential requirement for any dairy. Here is how to do it right. Pasteurizing Colostrum Heat treating colostrum, often called pasteurizing, can be done – but not the same way you pasteurize whole milk for older calves. […]