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5 Tips to Increase Efficiency in the Maternity Area

The maternity area of your dairy is a vital component of the future of your dairy. Making this area more efficient is critical to the livelihood of the future herd. If your protocols are lacking, then you will see issues in your calves. Here are five tips to maximize the efficiency of the maternity area […]

3 Tips to Energize Your Calf Maternity Employees Now

Having bored or dispassionate employees can kill a business. Yet, how can you quickly energize your calf maternity employees? Sometimes it is as simple as giving them the tools to do their job right. 1. Feel Successful with Clear and Consistent Calf Maternity Protocols Start by making your Calf Maternity employees feel successful. This is […]

Addressing the forgotten: Hygiene!

Last week, the Calf Care Connection put on by PDPW went off without a hitch, full of calf persons from all over Wisconsin. We were very honored to sponsor Dr.Sam Leadly, who spoke in depth about the on farm cleanliness for our calf care materials. I personally believe that hygiene is a much overlooked topic on […]

Managing your calf-care employees (Golden Calf for Progressive Dairyman)

Imagine an employee wearing gloves in a clean dry pen skillfully administering high-quality colostrum to a calf born just minutes ago. The calf’s navel has already been dipped, the calf dried, and all information recorded in the logs. Dream? No, just good employee management. You know that if every calf in your herd received treatment like that, your herd would consist of healthy, high-producing cows. […]

Launching Calf Gear

Golden Calf Company is launching a new branding structure in 2015 that elevates the brand identity and better represents the company’s offering. Golden Calf Company brand will now offer four new product lines: Calf Hero, Calf Lab, Calf Gear, and Calf Wear.“We feel the needed to highlight the company’s growth and expansion of product offering […]