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Innovation into real application for your dairy

University and academic studies provide the basis of our innovation, but we take their findings a step further

In an academic setting, the number of students to animals is much higher than on your dairy. At a university, there may be one calf to be observed by a number of students. That’s not what happens on the farm. You require data driven precision and protocols that can be easily and quickly repeated by your staff.

We read the studies, then we visit you.

At Golden Calf Company, visiting our customers where they operate is highly important to us. We listen to your current practices. We hear your concerns and learn about the parts of your operational process that are not serving you, your staff, or your herd.

Our technology is designed not only with research and high performance data in mind, but also with your daily operations in mind.

Smart technology that supports your dairy operations

Our tech systems work with your Calf Hero™ to give you strong data analysis that helps you optimize the function of your Calf Hero™ as well as your production efficiency.

Calf Hero™ Chart 

Calf Hero™ Chart is a cycle analysis program that allows you to gain the ability to analyze your own data logs. This program will help you understand and optimize the performance of your Calf Hero™ Pasteurizer.

Calf Hero™ Alert

Calf Hero™ Alert sends messages to your phone or email address regarding your Calf Hero™ Pasteurizer. You can send alerts to multiple phone numbers or email addresses for: end of cycle, low supply level, and errors. Keep your team on track and organized by creating three user groups to receive varying alerts: tech support, accounting, and maternity.

Calf Hero™ Viewer

Calf Hero™ Viewer allows remote access to your Calf Hero™ colostrum units. Easily access your colostrum system from any internet connected device – no apps required! You can view the history of pasteurize and feeding cycles and order colostrum supplies from the Viewer. Another benefit is the reduction of down-time you can achieve by allowing service technician remote access to the system via Calf Hero™ Viewer.

Technology needs to support your staff, not slow them down.

When we design our products, we are considering the end user: you and your staff. How easy will our equipment be to handle? Will it undergo the very real rigors of a day-to-day dairy operation? How long will it remain functional? Our end goal is never to make a product quickly and cheaply. 

We build innovative dairy supplies that work as hard as you do.