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Reliable, repeatable testing

Improve your dairy with onsite testing tools from Calf Lab Testing by Golden Calf Company

Don’t leave variables to chance: bring lab quality testing tools to your operation. Dairy farming is the business of the unpredictable, that’s why we offer you the best tools to control the few things you can. These instruments will help you verify that your protocols are getting done the correct way.

Our Calf Lab Testing tools take the guesswork out and deliver straightforward results. It is easy and simple to know if you are improving and reaching your goals.

Dip Style Digital Refractometer

This Dip Style Digital Refractometer will become a great support tool as you raise healthy calves. Use it to get the most out of your colostrum by allocating the highest quality to your replacement heifers. Then use it to verify that the transfer of passive immunity was successful. Even balancing calf milk will become a breeze.

Whatever your needs are, this refractometer will give you consistent and accurate results.

  • Test colostrum, blood serum total protein (BSTP) and milk solids
  • Results immediately after collection in just three seconds
  • Screen holds results for two minutes for note taking
  • Dip tip is more accurate and is easy to clean
  • Calibrate with a push of a button
  • Includes step by step user guide in English and Spanish

Dip Style

By dipping the refractometer into the liquid instead of sampling, you can obtain a much more accurate result. The flat sampling surface is easy to clean in between samples, eliminating residue that could distort the next reading. This refractometer makes testing and cleaning easier than any other method.

Easy to Use

The ease of use of this tool makes it a go-to: simply dip into the liquid and press start. Calibration is also only a push of a button away. A handy step by step guide in English and Spanish accompanies each unit to help you get started even faster. Durable packaging houses an easy to replace battery.

Quick Results

With this Digital Dip Style Refractometer, you can test immediately after collection. Quick three-second reading displays accurate results on an easy to read the screen. The results hold for two minutes allowing you time to take notes.

Ensure Colostrum Quality

The most important meal of a calf’s life should be served properly. By testing each batch of colostrum you can maximize its usefulness and safety. With this tool, you will be able to rank quality levels of all colostrum and feed accordingly.

Blood Serum Total Protein (BSTP)

One of the best ways to know if your colostrum feeding protocols are working is to measure BSTP. By using the step by step guide that comes with each dip style refractometer you can easily test whether your transfer of passive immunity was successful. Knowing which calves did and didn’t receive the proper immunity is critical for future care. Low passive transfer signifies high probability of calf scours.

Testing Milk Solids

Unsure about feeding your waste milk to calves? With this refractometer you can easily measure the percentage milk solids of each batch and use a milk balancer to offer the same level of nutrition day after day. If you have concerns about bacteria load give us a call to discuss calf milk pasteurizing.

Optical Refractometer

Our Optical Refractometer is an easy to use tool that offers a cost-effective solution to testing the quality of your colostrum.

  • Low cost refractometer is a good entry level option
  • No battery is required for its operation
  • Smooth surface allows for easy cleaning
  • Simply look inside and use the scale to read your results

Protein Residue Swab Snap Test

Simply swab, snap, and squeeze to test your cleaning practices and make sure that your protocols are being adhered to: no other tools are required! Hygiene is of the utmost importance to the health of your entire herd. Utilize our economic cleanliness testing solutions to support the healthy operation of your dairy.

When using one of our Calf Lab Testing Protein Residue Swab Snap Test, the colored identification tube gives you an indication of the quality of your cleaning. The pre-moistened swab test only takes one minute and does not require any other tools. Monitoring cleanliness of your surfaces is now quick and easy, helping you and your staff prevent calf health issues.

  • Easy to use Protein Residue Swabs 
  • Quick and economic test to verify your cleaning protocols
  • Pre-moistened swab test only takes one minute
  • No other tools, simply compare with a visual scale
  • Ideal for daily monitoring

Luminometer and ATP Tester

This Luminometer and ATP Tester by Calf Lab Testing offers an easy to use and unbiased testing tool for monitoring cleanliness. It only takes 15 seconds to have an accurate reading. Simply swab your surface with the ATP swab and plug into the Luminometer for a reading. The ATP swab breaks through the Bio-Film to ensure the most accurate results.

Knowing that your cleaning protocols work well is essential for your success and for the health of your herd. Utilizing our Luminometer and ATP Tester allows you to ensure that cleaning protocols are producing the hygiene results your operation requires.

  • Digital readout for ease of use
  • Find out your bacterial load in 15 seconds 
  • Use the ATP swab to test your surface, then place in the luminometer 
  • Excellent tool for exact readings and in-depth analysis