Golden Calf Company is launching a new branding structure in 2015 that elevates the brand identity and better represents the company’s offering. Golden Calf Company brand will now offer four new product lines: Calf Hero, Calf Lab, Calf Gear, and Calf Wear.“We feel the needed to highlight the company’s growth and expansion of product offering in a significant way in order to help consumers understand that we are not just the colostrum management guys anymore,” said Andy Beckel, the company’s founder. “We are deeply committed to providing a variety of high quality tools for neonatal calf care.”

What’s Calf Gear

Every craftsman knows how important it is to have the right tools. It is no different in the dairy industry, and a good calf feeder needs good tools to do his/her job properly. With hygiene being of utmost concern in a newborn facility, our Calf Gear line offers a stainless steel tube feeder for easier cleaning and less scratching, and a tube feeder cleaning kit to maintain proper hygiene on the inside as well as the outside of a tube feeder. In addition to nipple feeders in various shapes, sizes and softness, we also offer a storage solution for tube feeders that are not in use.