Wes has been a ColoQuick customer since May 30th, 2015. He said “I specifically remember the date we purchased and starting using the ColoQuick system because we nearly immediately noticed a huge improvement in the health of our newborn calves.”

Wes presently uses our pasteurizer unit, a thaw unit, a refractometer and a freezer. Wes likes the consistent protocol they are able to have with the system. “We have multiple employees to cover  our 24 hour supervision of calf births and the system allows us to quickly feed the calves and we know that they are receiving high quality colostrum.”  Prior to using the ColoQuick system, Wes said that they used the synthetic colostrum. His feeling was that because it may have been shipped from other locations, that the vaccines in the synthetic colostrum, did not match up with what was needed for their calves on the farm. He really likes that they can test, pasteurize, freeze and use their own colostrum.

Wes is a big fan of the ColoQuick system.