The UW/US Dairy Forage Research Center in Wisconsin has been using the 2 Cartridge Colostrum Pasteurize/Thaw Unit since 2012, along with the Colostrum Bank, and more recently our disposable, Snap-In tube feeders that we began making right here in Wisconsin just about a year ago. The USDFRC at Prairie du Sac, WI research farm consists of 2,200 acres and 390 cows in milk. Both agronomic and dairy nutrition research are conducted here. We are grateful for long-time customers and we appreciate hearing what they have to say about our tools and how they impact day-to-day protocols and most importantly, the health of the calves. 

We recently received this feedback from the Research Center, “We are thrilled with the results we are seeing from the disposable tubes. Our scours rate on calves went from almost 40% of calves to less than 10% with ZERO cases in January and February, (see graph above). Initially, a couple of our smaller calf feeders struggled with these new disposable tubes as compared to the hose and stainless setup, but they got better at it and we no longer have the tube and hose feeder accessible.”

Here at GCC, we listen to feedback in order to ensure that if/when we release a new product that it is made based on the needs of the people we have heard from.  We also understand that when we release a new product that it might take time for some of the users to adjust to the new style/process of using it. We are happy to provide instruction/guidance, including videos when available, to assist. We have heard so much positive feedback on the Snap-in Tubes and we appreciate the UW/US Dairy Forage Research Center for sharing their own personal feedback, along with the graph showing how the use of this tool improved the overall scours rate nearly removing it as an issue.


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