“I have purchased calf jackets from others before and I like yours best, which is why we continue to buy from you. They are durable, fit the calves nicely and I especially like that they do not have Velcro like other jackets.”

Peggy described how other jackets that they have used in the past have had Velcro on them. She said that straw and debris would get caught in it when calves were wearing the jackets. Or, that lint would get stuck in the Velcro when they were washed, causing them not to hold anymore and fall off the calves.

“I especially like that the jackets do not have Velcro because you don’t have to worry about it getting clogged up and losing its stick then not closing/connecting to keep the jacket on the calf.  The jackets really help conserve the calves’ energy during cold times which is so important.”