Above my expectations!
“We needed healthier calves and a solution to simplify colostrum administration. The Calf Hero™ 3 has completely transformed our process. Now we have premium colostrum ready for our calves. Since the introduction of this machine, we have observed healthier calves and a 50% increase in passive immune transfer. The machine would also reduce the problems of leukosis and pneumonia, a disease that affects our herd. A veterinary evaluation revealed that we were losing $65,000 per year to leukosis. Thanks to this machine, these losses could be significantly reduced. “

“With some interns/employees from Guatemala, errors handling colostrum were frequent. This machine has eliminated these errors, making the process safer and more efficient. Usage is simple and intuitive, greatly facilitating our daily work. Thanks to this innovation, we are seeing healthier calves. This machine exceeded my expectations and we are extremely happy with the results and highly recommend this machine to all breeders.”- Peter Heiniger, Ferme Bernerhof, Upton, QC