“Taking pride in the Health of our Calves.”

Jon’s Dairy takes pride in the quality and cleanliness of their colostrum in order to ensure the best practices for healthy calves. This Family run Dairy has been in operation for over 70 years. Along with Jon; his father, mother, brother, uncle and two cousins are involved in the business. “The biggest thing for us is having this system to manage colostrum, ensuring our calves get quality colostrum year round”. Jon Q.

“We purchased our first system TEN years ago and added another as our Dairy grew. This previous year we upgraded to a Hero 6 System as our main system. This system allows for 6 Cartridges to pasteurize/thaw multiple-sized bags as needed. The new technology features and remote access are HUGE benefits.” We also converted to the NEW Snap-in Tuber this year which added another level of protection. Using these helps save water, cleaning products and time for our calf feeders.” Jon Q.

The Golden Calf Company Team is always ready to assist and caring about local. Now making its product in the USA, “It is great to see a company always looking to the future of Dairy Calf and Care and continuallly improving.” Jon Q.

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