First Dairy Farms is a family owned Dairy in Ionia, Michigan. Josh is the fifth generation to own it. Currently the farm is milking 320 cows & they are using Golden Calf Companies’ Thaw System, Colostrum Freezer Bank and Refractometer.

According to Josh, he decided to switch to the Coloquick because they were having health problems after switching over to an auto feeder in the calf barn & he needed an “easier/no excuse way to get colostrum to the calves quickly & easily”.

At the farm, they also test & track the total serum protein levels on all of their calves and have been doing so since February.  Per Josh, “out of about 80 calves tested so far, only one has failed the passive transfer. Golden Calf Companies’ Colostrum Management System is fool proof and I am a firm believer the system works.”