Happy Healthy Calf – Be a Hero

Dykstra Dairy is a family-owned Dairy located now in Maurice, IA. The Dairy/family relocated from southern California about 20 years ago, to the North West and has a current herd size of approximately 3000 cows  

They purchased their first colostrum system (a Maxx 8 system), from the Golden Calf Company back in 2012. Today they now use the colostrum bank, our Hero 12 System and Thaw Unit. Eric V., the GM at the Dairy, recalls the time before they pasteurized. “We were not pasteurizing previously and I recall the difficulty in collecting and storing colostrum without contaminating it further. We feel the system helps our calves get a consistent and quality supply of colostrum. ” We like the ease of operation and that everything is provided from start to finish in the whole process of getting the colostrum collected, pasteurized, stored, and fed.”  With the system, they also use the digital refractometer to test colostrum quality as part of the process. Newborn calves are fed 4 liters at birth as soon as possible, within the first hour, and 2 liter, second feedings within 6-12 hours. 

When asked about how the service is for the system, he said they have only needed normal, small repairs such as replacing  Belts, hoses, occasionally water valves, and temp sensors, which they are able to do themselves.  As part of some routine, annual maintenance, “we usually call for a service visit from a GCC Tech to replace bearings and look over the system.” Eric V.

Andy, the owner of Golden Calf Company, and Eric have known each other for a while now. “I have known Andy for over 9 years and they have been great to work with. I like that they continue to innovate new ideas and make improvements continually to the process.”   Eric V. 

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