Happy Healthy Calf – Be a Hero

Twin Spruce Farm started in 1989 with 33 cows and 48 acres. Arnie and Kris, along with their family have made many expansions throughout the years. In 2017 the calving barn/IVF center was built. In 2018 the second milking site was purchased in Perham MN. By Christmas 2020 all construction in Perham was completed. All calving for both farms is done at the calving barn site. Currently Twin Spruce is milking 3000 cows between the two farms. With the growth of the operation there is also an extensive embryo program that they utilize to build their herd genetically and put bulls into AI.  

The Dairy started off with the Maxx4 Pasteurize/Thaw System back in 2013. Recently, in 2020 they addedd a larger system, our Calf Hero 12 pasteurize/thaw System. They also use many GCC tools such. as the  SS tuber, Filling station, Calf jackets, Frozen colostrum bank, and our locally, Made in the USA,  colostrum bags.

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Alaina explained  “currentlly we use the 4 cartridge unit to warm up our colostrum reducing wait time and we tube feed. We  use the Hero 12 unit to pasteurize 12 cartridges which allows us to get the colostrum pasteurized fast. Using the 4 Liter colostrum bags allows me to get the right quantity of colostrum into the calf without guessing.  Using all of these products from Golden Calf Company has greatly impacted the health of our calves. “

Golden Calf Company is continously improving their products and in doing so, all feedback is welcome, positive or negative in order to ensure they are “getting it right” for the customer.  “Last year when they changed the colostrum bags, making them in-house, they also made new connectors to connect the bag to feeding tools  These connectors were very hard to connect and leaked milk when tubing the calf.  I contacted Rae right away about the problem and also spoke to them personally at Central Plains Dairy Expo about the problem.  I was informed that they were working on the problem and in a week I would have the new connectors in the mail.  Golden Calf company listened to my problem and resolved the issue promptly.”  Alaina M.  

“What stands out about Golden Calf Company’s products is that it is high quality products made right here in the USA.  Golden Calf Company allows my calves to get the best quality colostrum in the right amount of time. ” says Alaina M. I have had nothing but good experiences with the products and the staff at Golden Calf Company. And any time I need more supplies I just have to text Rae and I will receive my order the next day.”

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