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Plan for Calf Jackets now!

Don’t get caught off guard by winter, plan for Calf Jackets now. Cold stress is sneaky and you don’t want your calves to get sick. Take advantage of our new Calf Jacket Sale. Buy Online SAVE 25% on CALF JACKETS Our calf jackets are made in Wisconsin by Wisconsin dairy farmers and come in three […]

Happy Holidays From Golden Calf Company

During this season, we like to take the time to thank our customers and all of the rest of the dairy farmers out there.  It takes a special person to work day in and day out to produce wonderful dairy products and maintain a healthy and happy herd of cows.  Only a farmer can truly […]

Halloween Fun – Calf in a Pumpkin

  So, I just couldn’t resist. I had to carve our calf into the pumpkin. Now it sits in the center of the office and I can’t wait what everyone will say Monday morning. If you’d like to make your own Calf Pumpkin, here is the template.Pumpkin Calf Template (PDF) Just print it out. Tape it […]