Golden Calf Company is launching a new branding structure in 2015 that elevates the brand identity and better represents the company’s offering. Golden Calf Company brand will now offer four new product lines: Calf Hero, Calf Lab, Calf Gear, and Calf Wear.“We feel the needed to highlight the company’s growth and expansion of product offering in a significant way in order to help consumers understand that we are not just the colostrum management guys anymore,” said Andy Beckel, the company’s founder. “We are deeply committed to providing a variety of high quality tools for neonatal calf care.”

What’s Calf Wear

As fashionable as calf jackets can get nowadays, there is a real functional purpose for them that shouldn’t be overlooked. That’s why our calf jackets are made of the highest quality materials. Thinsulate® insulation not only keeps the calf warm but also provides moisture wicking properties to prevent the calf from sweating. The Cordura® fabric used for the outer shell stops moisture from entering from the outside. And our signature pull-over design eliminates the troublesome velcro strap. The Calf Wear lines includes Jersey, Holstein and extra large jackets, as well as Premie jackets with pockets for hand warmers.