1.       Is the outer shell water repellent to prevent moisture from getting in? (look for fabric with dense weave and with moisture repelling coating)

2.       Does the insulation wick moisture away from the calf? (using high quality insulation such as ThinsulateTM Ultra will keep the calf from sweating)

3.       Is it easy to wash and dry? (look for things like removable straps and easy cleaning instructions)

4.       Does it fit the calf? (some calf jackets come in different sizes, one management technique is to buy different sizes of jackets in different colors, that way it is easy to identify which jacket to grab)

5.       Is the jacket made of durable materials and with good craftsmanship? (the calf jacket needs to stay outdoors, so look for materials and construction that can handle the environment, examples include 600 deneir fabric, UV treated thread, double stitching)