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Quickly Slash Staph Infections in Half with Colostrum Management

Staph (staphylococcus) is not easy to get rid of, but when you implement a good colostrum management system, it can easily be conquered. Often, dairyman and dairywomen view colostrum management as an easier way to organize their protocols. And while it certainly does that, the impact of the improved protocols and better colostrum handling is […]

Faster colostrum feeding makes calves healthier

“The investment is well worth it!” says our customer Farm Lansi in St-Albert, QC, Canada. “We opted for the ColoQuick Pasteur 2 capacity to give better quality colostrum.” M. Boucher milks 700 cows in a brand new building. The maternity area and milking parlor are not on the same site causing the colostrum to wait […]

Drapeau & Bélanger Farm, 775 cows: Ste-Françoise de Lotbinière,QC

“We wanted to give better quality colostrum to our heifers because we had very uneven results in passive transfer. Calf Hero allowed us to easily standardize the colostrum administration procedure. Now we have colostrum of excellent quality available for our heifers within 30 minutes. Our results today are very good: a passive transfer success rate of […]

Gordon, B – Ontario, Canada (300 Cows)

Greg M., GOODWIN, SD (2400 Cows)

Greg and his family have been using our Colostrum Management systems for six years and counting. They presently have a Coloquick Maxx4, a Thaw System, Colostrum Bank & a Digital Refractometer. Greg has weekly bacteria tests done, by a consultant to ensure that the Coloquick system is doing its job. He said they pull about […]