Garrett V., Albion, NY (400 Cows)

The Dairy Farm is family owned and started by Garrett’s Grandfather in Holland. The present day farm in New York, was purchased in 1978 and is now run by Garrett and his dad. What prompted Garrett to look into Colostrum Management Systems was that they were having issues with Leucosis. They began shopping around and […]

Ruth T., (250+ Cows), Waupaca, WI.

Our Team here at Golden Calf Company truly strives to make our customers happy. We know that it is a big decision to make when considering buying our Colostrum Management products. We are here from the beginning of setup and training, and throughout. We are happy to answer any questions that you have, and continuously […]

Leon K., Richmond, MN (450 Cows)

Kolb Farms has been around for a very long time. According to Leon K., It was started back near the 1830’s by his great grandfather with one cow. Presently there are 4 siblings running the farm with their mother and they have sure come a long way since that one cow with over 450 on […]

Jana S., Marshfield, WI (600 Cows)

Training day at Mara Wood Farms was such a pleasure! Thank you to Jana and her lovely family for deciding to purchase a Coloquick’ P2 System from us.  When asked why she chose Golden Calf, Jana said “I know many other producers that have Golden Calf systems. This is a well known reputable company.” We […]

J. First, 320 Cows, Ionia, MI

First Dairy Farms is a family owned Dairy in Ionia, Michigan. Josh is the fifth generation to own it. Currently the farm is milking 320 cows & they are using Golden Calf Companies’ Thaw System, Colostrum Freezer Bank and Refractometer. According to Josh, he decided to switch to the Coloquick because they were having health […]