Hammock Dairy Inc. has been one of Golden Calf Companies Coloquick Customers for about 5 years. They have been using the Maxx 4 Hero System since 2012 and according to Nathan Hammock, they “recommend it to everyone!”

Hammock Dairy is currently milking 800 cows 3X with a new 400 cow barn coming online soon. According to Nathan, “We will slowly grow into it and the Coloquick System is all a part of doing things right. The Farm is at 87- 90 lbs per cow 3.7 fat and a cell count of 160,000, so all the pieces are beginning to fall into place. Future plans in another robotic calf barn and a new double 24 parlor are in the works.

“We REALLY like the system.  The best part is having high quality colostrum ready to feed in 20 minutes after a calf is born. It seems if we can feed the calf, then it really gets a great start.” Our death loss has dropped to less than 1 percent since using the Coloquick System. That allows us to grow from within and not have to buy cows.”