Brandner Dairy started in the year 1979 with 35 cows and has grown to have 700 cows. Linda is the owner and described how they have workers (milkers) that are trained in using the pasteurizer and are responsible for feeding the calves. The newborn calves get fed soon after birth and this is made possible because of the Golden Calf Company ColoQuick System that they have in place.

Presently they use a Maxx 4 unit to pasteurize and a smaller unit to thaw. “I really like that everything is consistent. There is no deviation in our protocol because of the simplicity of use.”

Linda also uses the Refractometer to test the quality of their colostrum. “It is so simple, I put it in the pail and there is no messing around. There is no question that the colostrum is good and I like that I know that the colostrum is clean. We stick to the same protocols for feeding and the temperature is consistent. “

Linda said; “At first my son expressed that it seemed like a lot of money to spend, but we are so happy that we did and we have gotten our monies worth out of the ColoQuick System we have purchased and couldn’t imagine living without it.”