Kolb Farms has been around for a very long time. According to Leon K., It was started back near the 1830’s by his great grandfather with one cow. Presently there are 4 siblings running the farm with their mother and they have sure come a long way since that one cow with over 450 on the farm now.  They keep their calves healthy using GCC’s Coloquick Pasteurizer 2 system and GCC’s digital refractometer.

Since 2012 when they added in using the P2 Coloquick system and the refractometer into their daily protocols, Leon noticed a major improvement in the health of their calves.  “The system is easy to use, easy to train to use and works! We have been using it for years and have healthier calves. We test the passive transfer through the blood two times in the Spring and again in the Summer, the results are always higher or at the recommended average. We credit this to the system. Highly Recommend!”