Remember, I told you that we have been super busy coming up with ways to make your life in the maternity area of the farm, easier and more streamlined. Well, we are proud to announce the next revolutionary and innovative product for you……..

Say “goodbye” to the poorly cleaned and heavily scratched tube feeder of the past. And say a big “HELLO” to our new Calf Hero™ Tube Feeder! Now you are probably wondering, wait, the Golden Calf Company has always stressed using a stainless steel tube feeder as being the best option. We still do, however, we do understand that not everyone likes the stainless steel one, they feel like it is too hard to use and hard on the calf.

Prevent Calf Sickness and Protect Future Profits: The 5-Step checklist for better calf health by Golden Calf Company

We have spent countless hours designing our new tube feeder and we have come up with the perfect design that achieves our goal of a fast and gentle feeding for the calf. This tube feeder is the first of its kind. The Calf Hero™ Tube Feeder is made from soft plastic and has a smaller feeding tip but the opening diameter of the tip is much larger than any other tube feeder on the market. These tube feeders are gentle and deliver faster feeding to the calf. 

What makes our Calf Hero™ Tube Feeder so innovative and revolutionary, is its snap-in mechanism. The tube feeder snaps directly into our Calf Hero™ Colostrum Bags, locking in place, thus rendering both the bag and tube feeder as a single-use item. This means, the bag and tube feeder cannot be reused, it is impossible to separate the bag and tube feeder. This then eliminates the cleaning process, saving your employees time and energy from cleaning and testing for hygiene. 

We all know that hygiene is critical in the maternity area, you spend many hours each day, washing, sanitizing, and testing if the procedures are done correctly. There are many times that this time-consuming process is not done correctly and if that happens you create larger problems like a break out of illness. The new tube feeder allows you to skip some of this timely process by eliminating the cleaning of the tube feeder-saving you money on water usage, cleaning products, and your employees can be more focused on caring for the new calves.

Yes, plastic tube feeders have been around for ages but they carry the threat of scratching the calf’s esophagus when they are being used over and over. If you damage the calf’s esophagus during the tube feeding process, they will not drink the colostrum you are providing because it hurts them to swallow, not because they are not hungry.

The Calf Hero™ Tube Feeder completes the Calf Hero™ product line, creating a seamless and bacteria-proof way of pasteurizing, storing, and feeding colostrum.

Prevent Calf Sickness and Protect Future Profits: The 5-Step checklist for better calf health by Golden Calf Company