The Midwest Organic and Sustainable Farming Conference has chosen Golden Calf Company as one of its newest vendors for 2013. We are very thrilled to be able to bring the Colostrum Management System to the organic community and to have been recognized by the board as a valuable tool for the organic dairy producer.

The ColoQuick colostrum management system offers a unique opportunity to maximize the potential of  colostrum that’s available in one’s herd without using any additives.  By simply shortening the time the colostrum is fed and by using the power of information, we are able to increase the level of immunity in newborn calves. The protocols that our system sets in place provide the dairy with consistency over time and healthier and more producing replacements.

We are very excited to bring the ColoQuick to La Crosse this year.

The exhibit hall will open on Thursday, February 21 at 5pm and will stay open till 4pm on Saturday, February 23

For more details visit the MOSES website: